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Corporate health & wellness

We offer a range of wellness services & programs to the corporate sector and boast a strong  portfolio of clients ranging from small start-ups to internationally recognised brands.  We understand that there is direct correlation between the wellbeing of your workforce & the success of your company and offer support on a number of levels. Read below what some of our partners say about us.

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What our partners say...

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A.Lloyd, HR Director 

Chris & his team delivered a series of workshops at New Era as part of our wellness initiatives.  Prior to the workshops, Chris and I had a number of discussions around our employees needs and some specific topics that would be beneficial to them.  Chris then designed some bespoke workshops for us according to our needs.

The workshops focused a range of topics, such as, Nutrition -Boosting your daily performance, Nutrition - Myth busting, Posture at work - healthy hips & back and a drop -in juice bar.

Our employees absolutely loved these workshops largely due to Chris’ facilitation and training style which seeks to demystify jargon and some of the misconceptions around nutrition and fitness and offers guidance and solutions tailored to the individual that work in the real world. He is also practical and able to answer questions on fitness, wellbeing and nutrition with ease and accuracy.

I would summarise by saying that if you want to invest in your employee’s wellbeing with sessions that are informative, participative, lively and fun then Chris is a perfect partner for your business.

Anna Lloyd
HR Director EMEA
New Era Cap Company

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A. Brissimitzakis,
Ops Director

We have formed a very strong partnership with Chris & the team at CCF over the past 4 years. We use CCF for a variety of services in our business ranging from in-house group coaching to corporate wellness & team-building events for a number of our delegates & clients.

We love the tailored approach to every session & the team take the time to understand our business needs and what we are trying to achieve. Since partnering with CCF we have launched a company wide wellness program and reduced our absenteeism by 4.9%.

Alain Brissimitzakis

Ops Director & Partner

Channel Assist

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After working with Chris personally and understanding what he offered on a corporate level we decided to sit down & have a chat about what support he could offer to the business. GNC is a construction firm & unfortunately the construction industry doesn't tend to have the healthiest image for multiple reasons; general lack of personal wellbeing being one of them. 

After we'd had a chat I knew that I wanted to partner with Chris & his team. We booked in a number of team building and wellness days. These included a range activities. We've been paddle boarding in Maidenhead, mountain biking in the Peak District & had a full sports/training & activity day at the National Sports centre, Bisham Abbey. Each day was always inclusive of some sort of wellness or nutrition based workshop which has been fantastic in educating the team on how to live a healthier lifestyle through making a few minor adjustments day-to-day. The team took to Chris really quickly and I knew I'd made a good decision.

As a Director I want my guys firing on all cylinders and turning up for work everyday. I've seen noticeable improvement in productivity, accountability and team morale since bringing CCF on board. 

Gavin Nash


GNC Construction Ltd.

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